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Equipment Description
Peter Birch

Perth Observatory
Telescope: 24" Boller & Chivens Cassegrain

CCD: 512 x 512, 0.6"/pixel

Website: Perth Observatory
Robert Bolster

Hopewell Observatory
Virginia, USA
Telescope: Celestron 14" SCT at f/7

CCD: SBIG ST-8, 1.5"/2x2 binned pixel
Maurice Leonard Clark

Chiro Observatory
Telescope: 12" f/6 Meade Newtownian

CCD: Pictor 416
Bill Dillon, Dennis Borgman, Barbara Wilson, Tracy Knauss, Cynthia Gustava, Keith Rivich

Fort Bend Astronomy Club
George Observatory
Texas, USA
Telescope: 18" and 36" reflectors

CCD: Cookbook, SBIG ST-7, SBIG-ST9

Website: FBAC Asteroid and GRB Team Page
Gary Emerson

Colorado, USA
Telescope: 10" at f/4.5

CCD: HiSIS-22 camera with a Kodak, KAF-0400 CCD chip, 512x764, 9x9 micron pixels, 1.6"/pixel

Mike Fuller

Ft. McKavett
Texas, USA
Telescope: 12" Meade LX200 SCT, f/6.3 (with Meade 6.3 focal reducer)

CCD: Meade Pictor 416XTE, Kodak KAF-0401E chip, 9micron pixels
Gordon Garradd

Loomberah, New South Wales

MDM Observatory-Kitt Peak
Arizona, USA
Telescope: 45cm, f/5.4 Newtonian

CCD: Apogee AP-7, SITe back-illuminated, 512x512, 24x24micron pixels, 2"/pixel, 17' fov

Website: Gordon Garradd's Astronomy Page
Todd Giencke

Wayside Observatory
Minnesota, USA
Telescope: 0.2m, f/1.93 Schmidt Goto

CCD: SBIG, 640x480, 7.4micron pixels
Ian Griffin

Auckland Observatory and
Mt. John Observatory
New Zealand
Telescope: 0.5m

CCD: na
Cristovao Jacques, Luiz Duczmal

Centro de Estudos Astronomicos de Minas
Wykrota Observatory
Telescope: 12" SCT

CCD: na
William Liller

Viña del Mar, Chile
Telescope: 8", f/1.5 Schmidt camera

CCD: SBIG ST-5 (TC-255), mounted at the newtonian focus, giving a 36'EWx27'NS fov, 6.8"x6.8"/pixel
Hugh Lund

Johannesburg, South Africa
Telescope: 12.5" f/6 Newtonian with Meade optics

CCD: CCD camera uses Texas TC245 chip; water/glycol heat exchanger.
Rob McNaught

Siding Spring Observatory
Telescope: 1.0m, f/8 refractor

CCD: MSSS012, 2150x2060, 1.2"/pixel at 2x2 binning, 0.6"/pixel at 1x1 binning
Gianluca Masi

"Bellatrix" Astronomical Observatory
Ceccano, Italy
Telescope: 11" SCT, f/3.3, f/6.3, f/10, f/20 for focal lengths of 36.3 to 220"

CCD: SBIG ST-7, 765x510, 9x9micron pixels, 0.3"/pixel at f/20, 1"/pixel at f/6.3, 2"/pixel at f/3.3

Website: "Bellatrix" Astronomical Observatory
Akimasa Nakamura

Kuma Kogen, Japan
Telescope: na

CCD: na
Arto Oksanen, Marko Moilanen

Nyrölä Observatory
Telescope: 16" Meade LX200 SCT at f/6.3 (with Meade 6.3 focal reducer)

CCD: SBIG ST-7E, 765x510, 9x9micron pixels, 0.8"/pixel unbinned

Website: Nyrölä Observatory in Finland
Arvind Paranjpye

TIE, Mt. Wilson Observatory
California, USA
Telescope: 14" at Mt. Wilson

CCD: SBIG, ST-6 375x241, 23x27micron pixels

Website: Telescopes in Education (TIE)
Ralph Pass

Massachusetts, USA
Telescope: 10", f/6.3, Meade reflector

CCD: Meade Pictor 1616 XTE with Meade RGB filters

Website: Ralph Pass' Astronomy Home Page
Tim Puckett

Puckett Observatory
Georgia, USA
Telescope: 24.25", f/8 Ritchey-Chretien reflector

CCD: Apogee ST-7, SITe back-illuminated, 512x512, 24x24micron pixels,1"/pixel

Website: The Puckett Observatory
Veselka Radeva

National Astronomical Observatory
Rozhen, Bulgaria
Telescope: 50/70 c, Schmidt telescope

CCD: ST8 CCD, photometric VR filters
Pedro Ré

Cascais, Portugal
Telescope: 14" SCT at f/6

CCD: SBIG ST-7, 765x510, 9x9micron pixels, 0.9"/pixel at 1x1 binning, 1.8"/pixel at 2x2 binning

Website: Pedro Ré's CCD imaging page
Juan Rodriquez, S. Sanchez

Observatorio Astronomico de Mallorca
Telescope: na

CCD: na
Giovanni Sostera

Remanzacco Astronomical Observatory, Italy
Telescope: 0.31m, f/2.8, Baker-Schmidt camera

CCD: Hi-Sis 24 CCD, 2.4 arcsec/pixel, B, V (Johnson) and R, I (Cousins) filter set

Paolo Tanga

Strada del'Osservatorio, Turin, Italy
Italian Galileo National Telescope, La Palma, Canary Islands
Telescope: 1m and 3.6m

CCD: na
Andrew Timko, Tony Virgo

Woomera, Australia
Telescope: na

CCD: na
Martin Tschimmel, Heinz Barwig, Otto Baernbantner, Chistoph Ries

Wendelstein Observatory
University of Munich
The Wendelstein Observatory


Website: Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics
Ludwig-Maximilian University
Craig Tupper, Janet Tupper

Virginia, USA
Telescope: na

CCD: na
Paul Weissman

Table Mountain Observatory
California, USA
Telescope: na

CCD: na
Maik Wolleben

Hoher List Observatory
Sternwarte Bonn, Germany
Telescope: 106.5cm, Cassegrain with Focal reducer to f/13.6

CCD: Nitrogen cooled, 2048x2048 pixel CCD with 2 read out channels, Johnson V and R filters

Website: Maik Wolleben
Kiriaki Xiluri, Eugene Lauria

Fan Mountain Observatory
Virginia, USA
Telescope: 40"

CCD: na

Website: Univ. of Virginia Observatories
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